Research Paper Prompt

Your research paper will be a critical analysis paper just like the other two papers you have written, only it will be extended and more detailed. It must be a minimum of 7 pages typed analysis, and have a minimum of with 8 secondary sources (secondary sources are sources other than the novel, which is called your primary source). Topic: a critical study of theme, character, symbolism, setting, point of view, or other approved topic in the novel on your list of "suggested topics." Any other topic must have my prior approval. Reference works like dictionaries and encyclopedias may not be counted as sources. You must include a minimum of three scholarly journal articles in your sources (remember, there is a difference between a magazine and a scholarly journal!). Make extensive use of the MLA International Biography, Essay and General Literature Index, and Humanities Index and the library literary databases. Remember, minimum length is eight full pages with one-inch margins and 12-pt. type font, and this does NOT include title page or works cited! Of course, as always, the format must be MLA, and you must include photocopies of all of your sources, with quoted/paraphrased material highlighted.


o 7 pages minimum
o 8 secondary sources minimum
o Works Cited
o Photocopies of Sources
o Turn in using folder or some type of binding to keep it all together


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