Poetry Final Prompt

Your final exam is a minimum two-page (full pages) analysis of any of the poems below. Focus on imagery and theme while getting at the poet's purpose in the poem. Be sure to identify the poet by his/her full name and spell it correctly! Remember to identify which poem you are doing as well (put the title of the poem in quotation marks). You must quote from the text at least three times, and put the line number in parenthesis after the text quote in order to cite it. You need a strong thesis stating what the poem is saying and how the poet is using imagery to say it. Then, you must develop it in the essay, with examples from the poem that demonstrate your point. Remember to use the present tense. Also remember that quotations from the text are for support and are not topic or closing sentences, that you need your own paragraph closures and your own conclusion where you make clear the overall impact of the imagery and theme along with the poet's purpose in writing the poem. Spell check and proofread carefully before submitting the essay, which is due the day of the final.


The list of poems to choose from are:

"You Didn't Fit" - Pg. 850

"Hanging Fire" - Pg. 876

"Siren Song" - Pg. 899

"Home Movies: A Sort of Ode" - Pg. 949

"The Lonely Wife" - Pg. 1195

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