Research Paper Prompt

This research paper must be at least six pages (not including
Works Cited) argumentative paper on a controversial topic
of your choice.  It must contain introduction and conclusion
sections (they can be up to two paragraphs each) and a clear
thesis statement.  There is no required number of paragraphs,
but each paragraph should be fully explained and supported.
You must have a minimum of five secondary sources quoted
or paraphrased in your paper, fully documented, and NOT
PLAGIARIZED.  Be careful about this, as this is the major
paper.  Learn from past experiences with other papers.  

There is an extended outline due with it.  All that means is
that instead of simply having five roman numerals, you will
have A. B., etc,  representing the paragraphs.  This is because
your main points will be extended as well.  We will talk about
this more in class.  

When you turn it in, please bind it or put it in a folder as to
protect yourself from misplacing sources.  Again, photocopies
of EVERY source must be included. Finally, this paper is due
the last day of class.  Therefore, you can only turn it in late
up until the day of the final. PAPERS THAT COME IN
since this is such a huge paper, it is a BIG mistake to turn
it in late at all.  Give this paper all you've got.

-	Extended outline
-	6 page paper
-	At least 5 sources
-	Works Cited
-	Photocopies of all the Sources you have cited in your paper

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