Essay #2 Prompt

Multi-paragraph Essay #2 should be a five-paragraph persuasive argument over one of the three topics given below. It must contain an introductory paragraph with a clear thesis statement, three body paragraphs with support, and a conclusion paragraph. It should be cohesive, focused, and well-organized. It also must contain a Works Cited Page. You must have a minimum of two sources that you quote or paraphrase in your paper. You can have no less than two quotes or paraphrases in a paper, and you can have no more than two quotes or paraphrases per paragraph. Each paragraph must be at least five sentences long. Use MLA format for the parenthetical documentation and the Works Cited page, as we have gone over in class. BE CAREFUL NOT TO PLAGIARIZE. Finally, paper clip, staple, or bind your papers so that your material does not fall apart and become hard to keep track of.


- Outline
- 5 Paragraph Paper
- Works Cited
- Photocopies of all source sections that you have cited in your paper


The three topics are:
- Affirmative Action - for or against and why?
- Flag Burning - should it be made illegal nationally? Why or why not?
- English language-only movement in America - for or against and why?


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