Annotated Bibliography

1. Each of you will choose a topic to research.
2. Go to the library and find recent (within the last 10-15 years) articles, books, or essays on the topic you have chosen to research.
3. Summarize the main points in the article. The summary should be in your own words, not lifted from the page of your article or essay. Be sure to keep copies of ALL the articles you use for this project.
5. Choose 5 essays/articles that you plan to use in your research paper. What does the author of the article or essay say about your topic? How does this help your argument?
6. Each citation should be approximately one page in length. Use the MLA Style of documentation.

- You will be writing 5 Separate summaries--one for each source
   you use.
- You should have a minimum of 5 sources. Each summary
   should be approximately 1 page in length. Some might be
   only a half a page while others might be a page and a half in
- The Annotated Bib. consists of three parts:
  a. The source cited at the top of the page using the MLA
      style of documentation.
  b. The summary
  c. The last paragraph of the summary should be your
      comments describing how this source will help your argument.


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